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What sets us apart from other tour companies beside our passion, knowledge, and experience?


River Adventure Tours offers a little bit of everything. Grab a paddle and kayak your way around the Homosassa Springs, put on a wetsuit, mask and snorkel, and give belly rubs to the gentle giants known as manatee, board the boat and cruise through the outer islands while landing a huge red fish, jump into the crystal clear St. Martins Reef and hunt for scallops or cruise around in a tour boat while watching Ralph swing tree to tree on Monkey Island. No matter what you’re up to on the Homosassa River, we will make sure your adventure is nothing less than the best of the best.


We’re a family owned and operated small business nestled in the heart of the Homosassa River in Citrus County, Florida. Our number one priority is not to make money BUT to make memories. Let feedback from previous guests do the speaking for us as we strive for excellent guest experiences! 

Fishing and Scalloping Photos

Kayak and Other Photos

Manatee Photos

Meet the Team!

gary redfish.jpg

Capt. Gary

Tour Captain / Owner

Captain Gary is a mover and a shaker! There's nothing he won't step up to take care but more importantly, he is tour & charter Captain.


Capt. Billy

Tour Captain / Fleet Director

Captain Billy is a boat tour operator, scallop charter captain, and ensures our tour fleet is up to date and running strong.



General Manager

Sean takes care of all day-to-day operations of River Adventure  Tours. He runs a tight ship to make sure everything is running smoothly!

brody 2.jpg


"The Boss"

Expert in making messes and not cleaning them up, chatting with guests, and eating all the snacks.



Marketing / Owner

Breanna works on our website, social media, and blog posts all while trying to chase/clean up after Brody.



Paddle Specialist

Emily is our kayak wonder woman! She takes care of making sure each guest feels comfortable and confident in their vessel. A five-star experience is her top priority! 


  • Can I cancel my trip? 

    • Our cancellation policy is:

Rain outs/ Captain cancellation= Full Refund

10 days before = 100% Refund

8-9 days before = 75% Refund

6-7 days prior = 50% Refund

3-5 days prior = 25% Refund

1-2 day (48 hours) prior = No Refund

No-shows will be charged the full price


  • Do you shuttle us back to the launch site? 

    • No, you will launch, paddle to your destination and then paddle back to the launch site


  • Can I bring a cooler or drinks with me while kayaking? 

    • Yes, a smaller soft-side cooler can fit with you in the kayak. 

  • Are there alligators in the river?

    • While they are out in the river, they tend to stay away from the high traffic kayaking areas! ​

  • When is the best time to go and see the manatees? 

    • Guests have the best chance of a manatee sighting during the colder months (Dec.- Mar.), when the manatees are packed into the springs. 


  • Can my child kayak in my lap? 

    • Yes, we allow children three or under to kayak in an adults lap.


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