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Fall trout bite is HERE!

We had our first cool front this past weekend and with the cool, crisp air, the trout are basically jumping into the boat. Tis the season to put on those popping corks, go find yellow bottom anywhere in 3-5 foot of water outside of the outer islands and work those soft plastics with a 1/16oz jig (pink or green). I prefer white for my soft plastics but a lot of guides are using darker green with hints of red speckles. If you don't get a bite on your first drift, pick up and move 1/8 of a mile until you find them. That yellow/coral bottom seems to be the go-to grounds for trout, you'll also want to find kelp growing off the bottom. The trout will feed off the kelp seeing that it collects plankton, shrimp, small crabs and other delicious critters for the specks to gather around for breakfast and lunch. I've had the best luck on the first part of the incoming tide and the first part of the outgoing tide while trout fishing. Our next fishing blog will be about shallow water grouper, stay tuned!

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