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Swimming with the Manatees

These maginificant docile mammals are thought to have roamed this earth for more than 55 million years, they have evolved tremendously over time and have adapted to their surroundings. We are lucky over here on the Nature Coast that they call our springs home in the winter due to the water holding a temperature of 72 degrees year around. This allows us to observe and have surreal interactions with these creatures that are fun for all ages. Please keep in mind these are still wild animals that very much have feelings and may not always want to interact, so please don't be one of those people who aggressively chase them for their selfish enjoyment. Notice in this picture how the swimmer is still respecting the manatee, even when she's approached for some belly rubs. If you're looking for this type of interaction, River Adventure Tours has phenomenal captains to help educate you on them and give you a memory that will last a lifetime.


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