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The Nature Coast's Pumpkin Patch

October is a time for harvesting; the crisp cool air brings cool water temperatures, and over here on the Nature Coast, we prefer to do our pumpkin picking amongst the oyster bars, limestone ledges, and turtle grass. So, while everyone's migrating to the corn mazes, the mullet are migrating to spawn in shallower waters in the Gulf with many predators following, one being the "copper back, blue-tailed pumpkins," also known as the Red Fish! Did you know that the Red Fish like to scavenge off sediment the mullet stir up? We love seeing this symbiotic relationship because it allows us to capitalize on it by fishing the schools of mullet. There's a multitude of baits, both live and artificial, that will land these pumpkins. If you're looking to experience the Nature Coast's pumpkin patch book with today!


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