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The weather is warming up and so is the Redfish bite!

Looks as if spring is finally here as we're having high 80's temperatures and the water is warming up! The Redfish bite has been top notch the last 2 weeks. We're mainly getting them on both the incoming and outgoing tides. Long as the winds stay out of the west, we're getting in some good high tides! During the strong incoming tides, we've been finding the reds and snook taking cover from the strong currents behind the outside mangroves in the St. Martins Keys. Using pinfish is the best way to weed through the smaller reds to get to the big ones or a big snook. For low tides, we've been polling around inside the mangroves trails near fish creek and sight casting with scented baits such as berkley gulp or even a good ol fashioned fresh chunk mullet.

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