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Learn More: Potential Rule Changes From FWC That Will Influence Our Area

Spotted Seatrout

In a recent Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) meeting there were quite a few approved draft rule changes regarding spotted seatrout. In most FWC meetings the public is strongly urged to voice their commentary and during this specific meeting the public was heard by the Commission. FWC is continuing to hear more public input and updating the proposed changes as needed prior to bringing it back at a future meeting for final approval. Approved draft changes that could take effect in our area if passed by the Commission include:

  • Reducing bag limits – Big Bend: five to three fish

  • Modifying the recreational slot size limit from 15-to-20 inches to 15-to-19 inches in total length.

  • Allowing one seatrout over 19 inches per vessel (currently, per harvester).

  • Changing the current daily commercial limits to 50 per harvester and 100 per vessel.

  • Prohibiting captain and crew from keeping a bag limit on a for-hire trip.

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