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Nature Coast Fishing... only place you can catch redfish and minutes later a bug grouper!

The Nature Coast is one of the only places you can be inshore fishing for Redfish, Snook or SeaTrout then minutes later be fishing a shallow water rock pile or ledge and pull out some big gag grouper. Because of our shallow coast, when the temps start dropping big grouper start heading inshore to seek warmer waters with structure. Because of the mass amount of spring fed rivers that lead directly to the gulf, it tends to keep our nearshore waters a bit warmer than offshore. The Nature Coast provides beautiful rock structures, springs, ledges and cracks that the grouper like to take shelter in which makes them easy to target. Even though they may be easy to target, that doesn't mean their easy to catch however! The Groupers strength is incredible and its simple for them to pull you in the rocks or a ledge for a break off so make sure to tighten that drag! I typically will use the same baits I do when refishing, either chunked mullet or live pinfish.

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