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The What, When, Where, and How of Scalloping

Scalloping is one of the Nature Coast's most fun summer past times! Here in Citrus County, scallop season lasts from July 1st- September 24th, while in other areas, like Pasco County, the season only lasts 10 days from July 17th- July 26th. Bay scallops live in the sea-grass beds in relatively shallow water (about 4-10 ft deep). Once you get out into the water, not much equipment is needed, just a snorkel and mask, dive fins, a dive flag, and a small mesh bag to store the scallops while swimming. Once you are swimming atop the water and see a scallop down in the grass beds, just dive on down and pick it up (pending it doesn't get away from ya!). Put the scallop in your mesh bag and do it all over again! Just make sure you don't have more than 2 gallons of whole scallops per person per day, or no more than 10 gallons of whole scallops aboard any vessel at any time. Once you get your bag of scallops in the boat, be sure to put them over ice, this makes getting the meat out of them later much easier! Of course, our captains will provide you will all of the equipment needed, and even take you to a few of the scallops favorite secret hiding places!

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