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DID YOU KNOW? (Scallop Edition)

WE ARE PUMPED for scallop season approaching! ONLY 46 more days!

Did you know these fun facts about scallops???

-Each ring on a scallop’s shell represents a year of growth, although a ring might also record a stressful incident in the scallop’s life.

-The scallop shell was the traditional emblem of St James the Great and became part of heraldry when those who had been on the pilgrimage incorporated the scallop shell into their coat of arms.

-Compared to oysters and clams, scallops shells are thin and lightweight to aid in swimming. Since scallops can't dig like clams, its shell also acts as camouflage.

-Scallops are the only bivalve mollusk that is free swimming. They swim by quickly opening their shells, propelling themselves forward.

- The bay scallop is the official state shell of New York!

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