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Locals Help Save Child in Boat Ramp Accident

This last Sunday, it was a typical weekend for the Hise family, they were going out on the boat! This trip however, would be one they will never forget. As Justin Hise was unloading the boat at the ramp, he took all precautions just as he always does such as putting the emergency break on, and locking the tires into 4-wheel drive. Just as soon as he got to the trailer, his truck began to slide down under water, with his almost one year old daughter in the back of the vehicle. That is when the good surrounding samaritans of Citrus County came to help! Shay Woodside, Garrett Watt, and Herb Hurley all came to assist. Together they worked to smash the back window and rescue the child. With their quick teamwork, they were able to get the child out and safe to the dock. Justin and his wife Tiffany urge boaters to be sure everyone, no matter what age, is not inside the vehicle while unloading and loading the boat at the ramp. While it was a scary day, we are glad everyone is safe and we love seeing people come together to help eachother in times of need!

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